Floating Daybed

We’re in The Crossroads event this August in the Roleplay World, with the fairytale floating Kawaii Daybed. It includes 8 balloon colors, 9 wood textures and 15 blanket colors all changeable via menu. You can also toggle the rotation on/off from there.

The daybed comes with 16 solo animations, 9 friends animations and 10 couple’s animations, and stands at 18 land impact.

You have until August 28th to pick it up at a discounted price!



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Wrapped Around Your Neck

Hi! Tres Chic has opened its doors and we have 3 new chokers available in both fabric and leather options.

The Starry Choker comes with 6 metals and 22 strap colors, in addition to 22 lining colors.

The Strappy Choker comes with 22 strap colors and 22 lining colors.

And finally, the Ring Choker comes with 9 word options for both the upper and lower part of the ring, so you can mix & match to your liking. They also come with 22 strap colors.

All chokers are non-rigged and can be resized freely. Check them out along with all the other creations until Aug 10th at Tres Chic’s NEW LM!


Bokeh Starry Choker

Bokeh Ring Choker


Bokeh Strappy Choker




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The Lake Dreamer

Ahoy! The Seasons Story summer 2016 edition is underway, and we have the Lake Dreamer set available there at a discount!

The set includes a Row Boat, available in 3 wood colors and includes 18 solo animations, 13 friends animations and 8 couple’s cuddles & kisses. The boat stands at 15 land impact and creates a beautiful addition to any lake!

Also we have the decorative wooden fish Signs to complement the theme. The signs come in 2 color packs, light wood and dark wood. Each pack contains 6 wood colors and 5 fish types changeable via menu and also includes 3 versions; a sign for the ground, a rope hanging sign and a nail hanging sign. Each board stands at 1 land impact and you can mix and match the wood and fish to get a variety of boards.

Check out the catalog here, and you have from July 10 the to 31st to check out the event!


Bokeh Lake Dreamer Row Boat

Bokeh Lake Dreamer Signs



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Outdoor Set at Tres Chic

The Velit set is now available at Tres Chic, from June 17th to July 10th. Items are sold separately, and the set includes the following:

Chair, 10 solo poses, 5 couple poses. 1 land impact
Table, 1 land impact
Doorframe with lights that go on/off on touch and stands at 9 land impact
Leaning doors for decor, 2 land impact
Wash basin, 1 land impact

All items are mod/copy, and you can check out the rest of the designers in addition to the SLB13 gifts at the venue!




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Midnight Madness and our 2 Limited Gifts!

Monthly Midnight Madness is back at Bokeh. Our 2 new gifts will be available for free to the first 1500 people who grab them! They are 2 new additions to our Spring Rope swings set.

The first gift is the Spring Rope Shelf, which comes with 12 wood colors and 3 rope lengths at 1 land impact. The second gift is the Spring Rope Perch which includes 6 solo animations and 3 couple’s cuddles, 12 wood colors and 3 rope lengths at 2 land impact.

How does it work? There are 2 boards located at the mainstore, the first gift is the Spring Rope Shelf, and the board will be open from midnight, the night of Friday 3rd to  Sunday at Noon. The first 1500 people to click the board will receive the gift!
The second gift, the Spring Rope Perch will be available from Noon of Sunday 4th to midnight. Again there is a limit of 1500 gifts, and you just need to click the board once.

You will also find 2 Last Chance vendors. If you miss the gifts, they will be available for a limited time at a discounted price of 50 L$, starting from June 5th at noon, with a limit of only 250 items to give.

There are more designers participating, so check out the official blog for full details and pictures of more gifts.



The first gift, available at the night of Friday to noon on Saturday 4th


The second prize will be available from Saturday 4th at noon until midnight

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Lock it up!

Hello beautiful people! We are here once again to show you our release for The Dark Style Fair 3. We have a padlock septum and earrings set (sold together) in gold and silver (colors sold separately). Maybe in the future I will make a padlock for people’s mouth in RL… wouldn’t that be cool?

Padlock septum and earrings set


This is the slurl to the event: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mystic%20Aurora/36/69/40 and the event runs from May 14th to June 4th.

And here’s a song for you:


Byeeee  ❤


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Summer Swings

Hi! We’re #30 in the Cookie Jar Hunt: Bring on Summer.

The new Spring Rope Swing is available in driftwood for 1 L$ until May 22nd. The swing stands at 2 land impact, with 2 different rope lengths. It is static, but includes 8 solo animations and 3 couple’s cuddles. OFC the animations are kinda silly, because, come on, it’s me :3. Anyway here is a pic of iiiiiiiiiiiiit:

Perspective is key :3

This song has been haunting me for days so I hope it does the same to you.

Hope you like it, and have fun with it. In case you are wondering what I am wearing or in case you are not wondering, I’ll tell you anyway.

The top is from paper arrow, the leggins are from lazybones, the ones that comes with a sweater tied around your waist, which I looooove (and they give you an awesome ass)  and the hair is from Runaway hair. There, lots of unwanted information 🙂
Have a good one!


Hunt info:
• Dates: May 1st – 22nd
• Look for: Little blue bird
• Hint: “The pearl is the oyster’s autobiography”
• Visit the official hunt page here

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