A Candy Coated Hello!

Hi there, and welcome to Bokeh Store’s blog! Bokeh is a new brand in Second Life™, featuring only original content, with everything from fashion to decor, and whatever else comes up. You’ll find updates on our new releases and events here.

It’s our first post, and we’re proud to introduce our first release, the mesh Dipped Antlers!

The Dipped Antlers are currently available exclusively at the Candy Fair, which runs until Oct 18th. There are 2 versions, Candy Dipped Antlers, and Precious Dipped Antlers, with 3 different antlers available. Each is menu driven with different flavors, and are available mod and copy. They will go to the main store after the fair. The Candy Fair spans across 3 sims with many awesome designers offering exclusives and candy themed creations. Check out this huge exciting fair here!

We’ve also migrated our previous original mesh releases from even.flow, so you can find them in-world here under Bokeh’s brand, where we’re sharing our space with even.flow for now. It’s been a great learning journey so far, and we hope you enjoy our little collection!

Antlers poster blogAntlers Packs blog

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