Necklaces Galore!

Hey guys! We’re back with a new gacha, animal necklaces this time.

The gacha is exclusive to Shoetopia and we are super excited to be part of such a great event, which will open today (11/15/2013) at noon slt.

There’s 24 different pendants, 4 of those are rares, they’re non rigged mesh and come in a thin delicate silver chain. There’s also a toodledoo version of the gacha! Just click the red button to play :3. All of them are no copy, no mod, yes trans and can be resized via a resizer script.

While you’re there remember to check the 100% donation booth, where all items make a full donation to the cause, we have a pack of our dipped antlers up there ^^.

In case you haven’t heard of Shoetopia, i’ll tell you it’s pretty much shoe heaven. Incredible shoe designers are lined up there, and every ne of them has at least one full donation item to Soles4Souls.

“Soles4Souls is a global not-for-profit institution dedicated to fighting the devastating impact and perpetuation of poverty.  The organization advances its anti-poverty mission by collecting new and used shoes and clothes from individuals, schools, faith-based institutions, civic organizations and corporate partners, then distributing those shoes and clothes both via direct donations to people in need and by provisioning qualified micro-enterprise programs designed to create jobs in poor and disadvantaged communities.”

So there you go, awesome shoes, awesome sim setting, a bunch of cool gachas and the most important part; a great cause.

Come on over, shop, help and have some fun!

This is the direct slurl to our gacha:

Shoetopia Blog:


Are you on facebook, plurk or flickr? Add us!




Have fun ♥!

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