The Bookworm’s Nook


Bokeh is participating at the Home Show this year with our very first furniture piece! Our exclusive item is the Bookeh Nookeh, which is a little hideaway where you can surround yourself in books. The book nook seats up to 2 avatars, and also includes couple’s cuddling and kissing animations. Some animations will rez book props which you can then attach to your avatar and move freely.

A cool feature is the ability to use it against the wall, or inside. To hide the book nook within a wall and create your very own hideaway, simply rez a prim wall around the frame, and extend it along the main wall of your house, just like we did in the picture. If you’d rather leave it out, you can simply move your furniture against the side as well.

There are also spaces in the book-filled shelves for your own things, which you can rez and put in place.

There are 2 versions included in the pack, a large book nook which comes at 9 Land Impact, and a smaller one to fit the realistic-sized avatars at 7 Land Impact. The Bookeh Nookeh is also moddable and copyable.

We’re so happy to be a part of this great event, and for now, the Bookeh Nookeh is only available at the event. It started on April 1st and ends on April 30th, so check it out soon!

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