Elvis Loves Ulaa!

One of the most heartwarming things happens on SL when the community comes together to help another in need. Bokeh, along with a group of designers, is joining the <3Ulaa event, a fundraiser set up to help a much loved SL home & garden designer and her son visit her ill mother. To read the full story and donate directly, visit her GoFundMe page here. ❤ Ulaa takes place on Aug 14th to 18th, with a DJ party on the 16th at 2pm SLT.

Bokeh is offering a limited edition color from the much loved Elvis Bubble Machines in purple! This color donates 100% to the cause, and will be retired after the event is over. You can also find the yellow ducky and purple penguin bubble machines available, donating 50% to the event, in addition to the Rock On Necklace which donates 100% of proceeds to help Ulaa.


Official Event Blog
Go Fund Me page

ulaa poster_3 Ulaa logo__________________________________________________

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