Sugar Rush!

Hello. We hope you’re all ready for the weekend, because Candy Fair has opened! Spanning across 2 sims, it’s back for a second year. So many awesome creators have provided new releases to keep your SL sweet, and the event will run until Oct 17th.

We’ve released the Marshmallow Poof! An original mesh bean bag that comes with 10 single animations, and 4 couple’s cuddles. It stands at 2 Land Impact, and can be tinted to any light color with mod/copy permissions, making it a versatile addition to your home.

Our second release for this event is the Kiss Me Gacha, featuring 11 chocolate drops to collect, and 2 rares, each with a unique message on a paper. They can be rezzed out at 1 Land Impact each, or carried around and include a holding animation with mod/trans permissions. The gacha can be found at the Gacha Area of the sim.

Visit us at Candy Fair HERE!
Visit the gacha HERE!
Official Candy Fair blog
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marshmallow poof small png

poster kiss png sml




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