Group gift alert: BUT FIRST; LET ME TAKE A #SELFIE

You all know how people used and abused selfies, right? Then came the oh so not asked for selfie sticks, and guess what? some people really use them creatively. Will you? I don’t know, probably not, but who wants to be creative when you can be just pretty, amirite? Ok jokes aside, we made a selfie stick and some poses for you to get out there and take pics of your pretty face with your pretty friends or your lovarrr (rawr).  The top part rotates so if you edit linked parts you should be able to adjust it as you wish, also resize, recycle, redo, re everything. The point is to make the selfie stick thing show, that’s why it doesn’t include a phone or a camera, it should be obvious that you used a selfie stick for it. You can cam right through the selfie stick (alt+right click where the phone/camera should be) to get a real selfie angle!

Kinda like when you want to take a cute pic somewhere and someone’s selfie stick ruins your shot and you don’t notice until you are at home going through your pictures. Or well you can also photobomb the many lovely SL bloggers that are around, I know many of them will mostly laugh at it… if you do it not more than once.

This turned out to be quite a long post didn’t it? It’s the first time I actually write a blogpost the same way as I speak, I kinda have this conversation with myself while I write.

And I have this for you. from selfie_stick

Although the japanese thing doesn’t make sense, what matters here is the title of it, “Should you buy a selfie stick?” Well the answer is no, and that’s why this is for free, enjoy and tell your friends.



Lots and lots of love from the one and only (luckily for you) Pamela Igaly.

P.D: I am not the one and only, my avi name is Pamela22 Igaly because Pamela Igaly was taken :3


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