You’re Oh So Vain..

Hi there! The Festival of Sin II has finally opened its doors, a place where you can indulge in your deepest, darkest sins. Each group of designers had to choose one of the 7 deadly sins, and we chose Vanity.

We also have a gacha based on Greed, filled with money shooting guns, money stuffed teddy bears, and more!

For Vanity, Bokeh is all about mirrors. We’ve released 3 new exclusives. The Mirror, mirror is an intricately designed wall hanging mirror, which will shower you with compliments and interacts to different cues. Ask it whose the fairest one of all, and it will know it’s you! It comes in 6 different metals and even includes a non-scripted version for those who are more modest with their beauty.

Our second release is the Vanity Mirror, a smaller version of the Mirror, mirror and one that you can take everywhere with you, so you can admire your beauty wherever you go! These mirrors also include a non-scripted version that you can use as a prop, and they are only 1 land impact each.

Finally, we have the Whimsical Mirrors, a set of 3 decorative mirrors that you can place around the house to steal a glance at your beauty throughout your humble abode!

Check out all the pictures below. The fair looks amazing, and there are different areas depicting each sin. It’s worth a visit even if you’re just going to look around. You have until Sept 5th to check it out!


moneis pster4 png


wall mirror big


handheld mirror

Ad Set A

Ad Set B

Ad Set C


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