Spring is here!

Well, for the northern hemisphere that is. Over here, autumn arrived and I am so happy because it’s my favorite season.
Speaking of seasons, we are super happy to be a part of one of my personal favorite events, once again The Seasons Story. Always filled with incredibly talented well known designers and new ones!

We have made a set of chairs and tables for this round. The chairs are something I would love to have in my real life. Why? Because they have a shelf for books. I want one, really. We also included a no books version ❤

Read Me Chairs for The Seasons Story

They come in 4 wood packs and in each one 4 paint colors via menu by touching the back of the chair. They are 2-3 land impact, and include nine solo animations and 2 cuddle ones.

The table is meant to look like a repurposed piece of wood, maybe it was a door in the past? Who knows, but what we do know is that they also come in a 4 wood pack and each one has a top that changes the chipped looking paint on the top, all that at 1 land impact.

Read Me Tables for The Seasons Story

The event runs from April 10th to the 30th.


We hope you like them!!!

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