Summer Swings

Hi! We’re #30 in the Cookie Jar Hunt: Bring on Summer.

The new Spring Rope Swing is available in driftwood for 1 L$ until May 22nd. The swing stands at 2 land impact, with 2 different rope lengths. It is static, but includes 8 solo animations and 3 couple’s cuddles. OFC the animations are kinda silly, because, come on, it’s me :3. Anyway here is a pic of iiiiiiiiiiiiit:

Perspective is key :3

This song has been haunting me for days so I hope it does the same to you.

Hope you like it, and have fun with it. In case you are wondering what I am wearing or in case you are not wondering, I’ll tell you anyway.

The top is from paper arrow, the leggins are from lazybones, the ones that comes with a sweater tied around your waist, which I looooove (and they give you an awesome ass)  and the hair is from Runaway hair. There, lots of unwanted information 🙂
Have a good one!


Hunt info:
• Dates: May 1st – 22nd
• Look for: Little blue bird
• Hint: “The pearl is the oyster’s autobiography”
• Visit the official hunt page here

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