Midnight Madness and our 2 Limited Gifts!

Monthly Midnight Madness is back at Bokeh. Our 2 new gifts will be available for free to the first 1500 people who grab them! They are 2 new additions to our Spring Rope swings set.

The first gift is the Spring Rope Shelf, which comes with 12 wood colors and 3 rope lengths at 1 land impact. The second gift is the Spring Rope Perch which includes 6 solo animations and 3 couple’s cuddles, 12 wood colors and 3 rope lengths at 2 land impact.

How does it work? There are 2 boards located at the mainstore, the first gift is the Spring Rope Shelf, and the board will be open from midnight, the night of Friday 3rd to  Sunday at Noon. The first 1500 people to click the board will receive the gift!
The second gift, the Spring Rope Perch will be available from Noon of Sunday 4th to midnight. Again there is a limit of 1500 gifts, and you just need to click the board once.

You will also find 2 Last Chance vendors. If you miss the gifts, they will be available for a limited time at a discounted price of 50 L$, starting from June 5th at noon, with a limit of only 250 items to give.

There are more designers participating, so check out the official blog for full details and pictures of more gifts.



The first gift, available at the night of Friday to noon on Saturday 4th


The second prize will be available from Saturday 4th at noon until midnight

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