The Lake Dreamer

Ahoy! The Seasons Story summer 2016 edition is underway, and we have the Lake Dreamer set available there at a discount!

The set includes a Row Boat, available in 3 wood colors and includes 18 solo animations, 13 friends animations and 8 couple’s cuddles & kisses. The boat stands at 15 land impact and creates a beautiful addition to any lake!

Also we have the decorative wooden fish Signs to complement the theme. The signs come in 2 color packs, light wood and dark wood. Each pack contains 6 wood colors and 5 fish types changeable via menu and also includes 3 versions; a sign for the ground, a rope hanging sign and a nail hanging sign. Each board stands at 1 land impact and you can mix and match the wood and fish to get a variety of boards.

Check out the catalog here, and you have from July 10 the to 31st to check out the event!


Bokeh Lake Dreamer Row Boat

Bokeh Lake Dreamer Signs



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