Store Policy & License

Store Policy:

    Refunds/Exchanges: Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. If you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, feel free to contact us and we’ll sort it out. Refunds/exchanges will not be issued on no-transfer items for purchases over 2 weeks old. Be sure to try the Demos before making your purchase.

   Double Purchases: If you believe you’ve made a double purchase, (i.e. bought 2 of the same item in the same color) simply send us your transaction details in a NC to Pamela22 Igaly, or contact us here.

    Discounts and Sales Items (does not apply to store-wide sales): We never place items at a discount (outside of store-wide sales) if the item has already been released at full price. For special sales events we prefer to introduce a new product or in some cases a new colored version of an existing product. Therefore, if you find an item on sale that you had previously purchased for the full price, we will happily refund you the difference if:
1. You made the original purchase not more than 1 month ago
2. The item must still be on sale when you notify us
3. You can provide the following information:
a. Transaction history of your original purchase
b. Name of the place where it is currently on sale
c. Date in which you found the item on sale
Provide all the information in a NC and send to Pamela22 Igaly.

    Custom work: Currently not available for custom work, but suggestion are always welcome.

    Fitting/Alpha issues: If you are having problems fitting your items or alpha issues, contact us to resolve your problem. Demos are provided so you can evaluate the product before making your purchase, and if there are any issues we will try our best to work out a solution for you.

User License:

    By purchasing or obtaining a product created by Bokeh Store (Pamela22 Igaly or BokehStore Resident or w0f Resident) you are agreeing to the following User License. Please note that Bokeh products are copyrighted, and when purchasing or obtaining products by Bokeh, you do not become the owner of the products, but you obtain the right to use them as defined in this user license.
    You may only use Bokeh products within Second Life™
    You may not sell/distribute products that are provided by Bokeh as no transfer, or make copies of products that are provided by Bokeh as no copy. Using any means to circumvent the Second Life™ permissions system is not allowed if your intention is to sell/distribute/give away/exchange these items whether within Second Life™ or other mediums.

   For any issues, questions or concerns, feel free to contact us here.

Thank you for your interest in Bokeh Store! Happy shopping!

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