Merry NouveauXmas and a Happy New Year!

If you missed NouveauXmas, you’re still not too late! At this event you can pick up Giftcards for Bokeh and other stores at 50% off to give to friends or family, or just treat yourself! NouveauXmas starts Dec 20th and runs until Jan 3rd. Teleport HERE.

For Bokeh customers, we’ve installed the Gift Card system so you can give your friends or family a gift this season. With this new system, group members also enjoy 5% store credit on every purchase, so wear your group tag when shopping at Bokeh. To join the group, copy and paste this link in local chat: secondlife:///app/group/c1cfb782-bf65-28f1-166f-c8db789d1212/about

To get the giftcards, visit the mainstore and click the gift card vendor associated with the amount you’d like at the front desk. After the vendor gives you the gift card, you’ll be able to pay the vendor to recharge that gift card with the amount selected. The charged gift card can be given away for anyone to use. Instructions are shown in chat and on the vendor for you to follow.

To redeem the gift card, wear it and visit the Gift Card Redemption board in the mainstore, also located at the front desk. Wear your gift card and click on the board. This will add the amount to your Store Credit. From there, you can click on any vendor at the store and select the “Use store credit” option from the menu when buying.

Happy Holidays, and Merry Whateveritisyoucelebrateatthistime. May your New Year be filled with happiness and all the good things with all those you love.

bokeh gift cards



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