Evak Guardians & Product Update Announcement!

Hi there! The Gathering is a new gacha event that has opened, and will run until Oct 15th, featuring many awesome designers. Our new release is the Evak Guardians gacha set, featuring circlets, horns, shoulder pads and wings for both men and women. There are 9 commons to collect and 3 rares. All items are original mesh and are mod/trans so you can trade with friends.

Teleport HERE
The Gathering guide HERE


We also have an announcement to make regarding the wings in the gacha. As of Oct 1st, at 7am SLT, they have been updated to include 2 texture variations for each wing. If you played the gacha BEFORE 7am SLT on Oct 1st, please follow the steps below to receive an updated copy:

1. Drop all the old copies of the wings in a folder.
2. Rename the folder to: “Bokeh Gacha Update Request (Your Name)”
3. Drop the folder on BokehStore Resident in-world, and include an IM to let us know (a simple “hello, I’m requesting an update for the wings” will do)
4. We will send you the updated versions of the wings within 24 hours.

Please be sure to follow the steps properly. Thank you for your attention, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

gacha key big gathering__________________________________________________

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