Midnight Madness is Coming to Bokeh!

We’re so excited to participate for the first time in Monthly Midnight Madness. Bokeh is providing 2 free gifts, limited edition “rose gold” versions of the Royal Earrings and Pearl Choker which will not be available ever again!

How does it work? There are 2 boards located at the mainstore, the first gift is the Royal Earrings, and the board will be open from the morning of April 2nd to Noon. The first 1500 people to click the board will receive the gift!
The second gift, the Pearl Choker will be available from Noon of April 2nd to midnight. Again there is a limit of 1500 gifts, and you just need to click the board once.

Bokeh’s gifts are limited edition and will not be available ever again. There are 15 designers in total for this round, check out the blog for full details and pictures of more gifts.


MM GIFT earrings png

The 1st gift, from morning to noon of April 2nd

MM GIFT choker png

The 2nd gift, from noon April 2nd to midnight

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